The Trustees

Neil Dougall (Chairman & Minister of Religion), Morgan Flynn (General Medical Practitioner), Jim Goodfellow (East Lothian Councillor), Val Harding (North Berwick & District Environment Trust), Lesley Kay (North Berwick Community Council), Claire Mackenzie (North Berwick Community Council), Olwyn Owen (North Berwick Community Council), Lauren Rodger (Head of North Berwick High School), Tommy Todd (North Berwick Community Council), Hilary Smith (North Berwick Community Council), Kathryn Smith (North Berwick Community Council), Jill Wareham (Head of Law Primary School), Ian Watson (North Berwick Community Council).

 The Trust’s Vision Statement

The purpose of North Berwick Trust is to work for the benefit of the residents of North Berwick and their dependents.

1. We will take a flexible and responsible approach to managing the Trust’s funds, enabling us both to invest in the community today and create a North Berwick ‘Forever Fund’ for the future;

2. Working with North Berwick Community Council, the Coastal Area Partnership and other appropriate bodies, we will use the Trust’s resources to assist in meeting identified community needs;

3. We will award grants to North Berwick community groups, organisations and individuals;

4. We will seek to work inclusively, collaboratively and transparently; and

5. We will review our work regularly and undertake a major review in 2020.

Statement – 7th June 2016

We are delighted to announce that the first tranche of funding totalling £50,000 will be available later this year.

Our new website, which is currently under construction, will allow the wider community to have an increased awareness and understanding of the role this charitable Trust will play.

We will share news, announcements and any other relevant information through our website and other communications channels. In line with normal charity practice, minutes and Trustees’ personal details will not be publicised but any information relating to the Trust’s role in the wider community will be actively shared.

North Berwick Trust is looking forward to this exciting new chapter and what it means for the many deserving causes there are in our town.

Application for Grant

Applications for Grants will be considered twice each year.  

As there has been a delay in completing the construction of the Trust’s website, an application form can be downloaded below.